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New Browning A-5

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Just curious if anyone has heard when Browning is supposed to be releasing the new A-5?

I've got a 1953 Auto 5 that's in great condition and functions flawlessly.

The debate is wait for the new Browning A-5 or go with Benelli Super Black Eagle II or Sport II?
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Just saw it on the cover of the new American Rifleman magazine. I haven't read the article yet.

I've got an older Auto 5. I know its a John Browning design (that's a big plus to me) and I know that it still works great after almost almost 80 years (another big plus).

I'll be sticking with that old Auto 5 or the Ithaca M37 (another John Browning design).
I have a A-5 that has been dated 1909 still runs great. 30" barrel is a tad long for Quail
I've enjoyed my Belgium made Auto-5 ever since my dad gave it to me for Christmas of '64 (I believe). 28" modified w/ventilated rib. I even was able to pick out the shade of stock I wanted. I love that gun and no new edition could be any better.
it's a great shotgun....but I dunno...kind of behind in the times.

I'd wager they're gonna want about 1100 for it anyway...

GAH! That MSRP is nuts....

If they make a trench model....I'd maybe be interested...just because, it'd be pretty ****** in the wood furniture with a shorter barrel, longer mag tube and a heat shroud.
I just read the American Rifleman piece on the "Auto 5".

I just sort of looks like an auto 5.

It uses a different bolt/action than the original auto 5. It used the benelli system (benelli's patent ran out). So its not recoil operated like the Auto 5.

It does not have the magazine cut off like the auto 5. Maybe not important. I've never really used mine except to play with it to see how it worked.

The receiver is aluminum, not steel. It has some steel reinforcing rods inside though.

Its sort of plain looking. No engraving like the auto 5.

I'll just keep my old Auto 5. I gave $300 for it and it still works great. It ain't real pretty either but it works as good as it did back in the 30's when it was shipped over from Belgium.
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I have a 1956 Beligum-made A5 light 12ga that I got from my dad. It is a great shooting gun.
According to a couple of gun shop owners around here the new A-5 is slated to start shipping sometimes in May...or so.
I have a 1956 Beligum-made A5 light 12ga that I got from my dad. It is a great shooting gun.
Yep . . . :cool:
I don't like how it is a different operating system, has an updated look, yet is still called an A5. Personally, I'd buy an old A5, or a new Benelli SBEII, but not a new A5.
I still like my 30 inch vented barrel from the 1950's vintage. it shoots like a dream, dropped many turkey and geese with this gun. I am not sure I would want a new A-5 if it is not recoil operated and a gas system, you can have it. But knowing the Browning quality it is most likely a nice gun to have in the cabinet.
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