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"New" Beretta 1201FP

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Hello friends.
I was looking at adding a semi auto shotgun to my collection. I have owned a Mossberg (Revelation) 500 for a lot of years, and also have some experience with the Remington 11 riot gun.
I considered all the current options in my price range, including the 930, the Turkish guns, or a used 1100 or 11-87.
Then I stumbled into the ads by Robertson Trading Post for Detroit Police surplus Beretta 1201FP's.
I did a lot of reading here and elsewhere on the 1201.
Seemed most people liked them, with the only dig being recoil.
Having sold a "surplus" handgun myself to finance the deal, I set out to buy one. Robertson had at least 20 on Gunsamerica, and included a photo gallery of each one.
I quickly identified a couple places on the left side of the receiver which seemed to show wear the most, and looked at those first, then looking at the rest of the photos if those areas looked good.
Finally, I found one that looked better than the rest, and bought it.
Here is a link to the one I picked:
Picked it up last night.
It looks, if anything, better than the photos. Basically, it looks like a new gun with a couple tiny, easily repairable scratches.
Initial impression is just how light this shotgun is. Second is how amazingly smooth the action is. The rear sight is really small, but I will mostly use the front bead, with the rear sight useable for accurate slug or FC Buck firing at distance.
I am investigating replacing the buttstock with either a Choate or Benelli stock with their better recoil pads. I like the short LOP of the Choate, but it seems finding one is a matter of luck. If anybody has one they want to sell, PM me.
The standard buttstock does seem too long...
In the meantime, I will probably put on a Pachmayr Decelerator slip on pad, removing the OEM pad.
I have yet to fire this Beretta, but as soon as the snow covered range I belong to becomes accessible, I wil be out there.
Yes, I will post pics ASAP, LOL.
Any 1201FP owners want to chime in?
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I realize that this reply is a year late, but I thought the information may be helpful to other 1201fp users. I owned one a while back and when the opportunity came around to acquire another a few years ago, I jumped. I used it as a deer gun here where rifles are not allowed, and really appreciate the light weight and capacity. Anyway, as I got older, my eyes just can't pick up the front sight in the narrow slot of the rear sight. I subconsciously pick the front up so I can see it and the last two deer I took were hit high.
After hours of research, I concluded that the receivers of the 1201fp and the Benelli M1 were very similar. I bought an Aimtech saddle mount for the Benelli and was able to adapt it to the 1201fp with a bit of Dremel tool modification. Not a difficult job, you just have to enlarge the cutout for the bolt release and modify the saddle that goes under the receiver. If you approach the saddle contouring carefully, you can negate the need for the tension screw that comes with the saddle. Just be sure not to force the side screws, as the mount is aluminium.
A set of low rings and a Leupold VX-1 shotgun scope completed the package, and she should be set for next season!
All that's left is to sight her in and find which slugs work best.
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