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New 870 cleaning issue

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Ok, so i might just be paranoid because I'm new to owning guns but i got my 870 the other day and went to clean it before i shot for the first time. I put about 20 of the patches down the barrel and they kept coming out dirty. I was using redhead gun cleaner that came in a cleaning kit i picked up. when i look down the barrel i can see i ring of dirt/junk (not exactly sure what it is because i haven't shot the gun yet). I guess my question is is this something i should be worried about? I am going to go back tomorrow and pick up more patches and I have run my bronze brush through it a few times to try and break up what ever is in there a little. sorry if this is a newbie question.

I tried to get some pictures of the inside of the barrel so you can see what I'm talking about, but they did not come out great.

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Thanks i figured as much. I just figured id check first.
You should also pick up a cotton swab or bore snake while you're out.

leave the solvent in the bore for a little while, then run a dry patch. It works better.
Had the same issue plus I ordered an extra "bird" barrell and it was even dirtier! Must be Remington's way of careful packing before shipping-ha!
If you start getting alot of plastic fouling let it soak for a bit and get 100% copper chore boy and wrap some around a brush or bore mop and that will help scrub it out. Works well for lead too btw.
In your pictures it appears as though your looking from the chamber end and the ring is the forcing cone at the end of the chamber. This is the transition from the end of the crimped shell into the bore and normal.

Hoppes will take care of most dirty shotgun bores and will not damage the bore as some of the copper solvents will if left in for extended periods.
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