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Need your thoughts on a Saiga 12G Shotgun.

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I need your thoughts on a Saiga 12G Shotgun. To me they are interesting. My current 12g shotgun is a Mossberg M590 MilSpec. Anyone use one of the Saiga 12g?

How do you lik it?

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I just recently picked up a Saiga-12 for my Birthday.... I have yet to shoot it, plan on shooting on Saturday. I will let ya know how it goes.
Saiga 12

Hello Everyone;
i have three Saiga 12 ga. shotguns. i love them.
i have converted one 12C config. with a AK 100 folding stock.
another i converted with a fixed AK 100 stock. both have vented front hand guards and Saw pistol grips. both are 922r compliant.
i have 5,8, and 10 round mags.
i have converted some for local police entry team. they have Tromix shark break, and HK sights. the are very reliable.
buy one you will never want to give it up.
20 round drums will be aviable soon from MDARMS.
Well, I took mine out today.. only shot 5 rounds through it.. it worked great! hey I have heard of the 10 round mags breaking. 1 guy that works at the range I shoot at said his broke and another customer's broke... if you get a 10 round mag, make sure it says 2nd Generation on it somewhere. I guess I have a 1st Generation from AGP Arms.. I haven't used it yet so I don't know if this brand is the one breaking.
I have 3 saiga rifles....they are great.....not gotten a S-12 .....yet......should i find one at a good price....i'll get one.

would have to drug my wife to get it into the house undetected.......i'll deal with that when i get
S-12's rock! Mine will look like this soon, except with collapsible stock. Still getting parts and working up the nerve to refinish the receiver with moly resin.

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I'm gonna buy a IZ-109 if I can find one for sale and do the conversion myself. I don't think it's worth paying $900 for a converted shotgun.
Anyone have preferences for mags for them?
S-12s effing rule! I want one pretty badly. Never heard anything bad about them, except that if you let the mags sit in the gun for long periods of time, the top shell is prone to slight deformation, which could affect feeding on the first round.
don't wait too long....the MD drum is cool, but the result may be that the S-12 gets banned as a DD. who knows....could happen....lets hope not though.
Anyone have preferences for mags for them?
Five round mags for good price here. They may have 8 rounders soon.
Saiga 12s are never in stock and are always hard to get, so if you see one, buy it
Any tips on where to find these?????

Everyone is out of stock!!!!!
Any tips on where to find these?????

Everyone is out of stock!!!!!
Exactly right. Everyone I know who has managed to get one in the past 6 months has hounded their local dealers, watched buy/sell boards and begged known owners. I happened to get mine because the original owner intended to have it cut down to a short-barreled shotgun, but was then discouraged that the conversion company is backed up for 2 years!
i was thinking about buying 1 but i cant seem to find any online
All I know about the saiga 12 is I want one.
I need your thoughts on a Saiga 12G Shotgun.
My thought: I want one.

But I'm holding off on an auto-loading shotty until TDI makes their Super-V shotgun. Then I'll compare. - TDI BRINGS TOP WEAPON SYSTEM BREAKTHROUGHS OF 2007 TO MARKET IN 2008
I was at the birch run gun show this weekend. ACU digital variant 1600, ak styled with pistol grip (assume a saw grip, didn't check) 1400. A plain untouched NIB saiga 12 for 800. Online Gun Auction has them under 800 though just to point out.
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