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Need Advice Re: My Mossberg 500

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I toook delivery of my Mossberg 500 today. I have some questions I hope someone can answer for me.

Information From Box:
Model - 50138
Description - 20Ga Cruiser 18.5 Bead Park W/Heatshield. Comes with pistol grip only.

-- Does this model have the Flex System. I would like to add a buttstock and maybe add a light.

-- Most firearms you purchase new must be registered. There is no place on Mossberg's site to register my firearm. Is this the way it always have been and nothing to worry about.

Thanks for your help in advance!
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Registration is very misunderstood. There are some Federal laws and some state laws. Best place to get answers is your local gun shop.
I am in ARIZONA, our state laws are not your state laws, we all have the same federal laws.
Shotguns of normal barrel length are not registered as such. You complete a background check, NICS,on the buyer and you take your gun home. In some states!!
I cannot answer your question about your guns capabilities.
Go see your sheriff or your gun store for state law.
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I think you misunderstood my question. When I bought my Smith & Wesson M&P 40c, I went on S&W website to register my firearm. On most items you purchase, you must go to the manufacture's website to register your item. I completed paperwork and they did a background check before I left the store with my shotgun.

I hope I explained myself better.
I did misunderstand. You are talking about a warranty registration. I was answering about a legal resistration.
Sorry for the wrong answer. I cannot answer your question.
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Just one piece of advice from a long time shotgunner...Get a stock for it
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As far as the FLEX system, unless it says it on the box, It's not compatible. Look up your specific model on Google or on Mossberg's site. If you want one with the FLEX system, you'll have to get a new gun.
My 500 came with pistol grip only as well. I bought an ATI top folding stock and installed it myself. I found one brand new at my local gun show for less than gun shops/online shops sell them for. You could go to the shop you bought your gun from and ask if they could order you a stock from Mossberg if you prefer to keep their parts on your gun.
I like the side folders that do not block view of the front bead and the target area if in an emergency I have to fire it before deploying the stock. If your top folder doesn't then that's a good thing. My Moss 500s have the side folder Choates
You might try Mossberg`s web site. A lot of companies are going to on-line warranty registration. Just a thought. I`ve had mine awhile and I don`t remember how I did it. And I too would look into a stock for it. The pistol grips are real cool to look at but after a few rounds, pretty brutal on the hand.JMO Enjoy your firearm.
AFAIK there is no registration for Mossberg's - they just figure if they made it, they'll fix it.
I doubt that it is Flex System compatible. Changing the butt stock/pistol grip is easy. Remove the bolt holding the pistol grip then attach the butt stock and tighten the butt stock bolt, attach the recoil pad and you are done. You should be able to get the proper stock and bolt from Mossberg.
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