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My Tactical Advantage Mossberg 500+

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A friend of mine & I built this from a Mossy 500 that I traded to him about a year ago with another pistol for a pistol he had that I wanted.
He recently moved to Florida and has no place to secure it so sold it back to me totally modified for $100. He also gave me the original Shotgun parts so I can convert it back if I want to for some hunting.

We began with a standard Mossberg 500, with a 24" slug barrel.
We started out by swapping out the barrel with an 18.5" HD barrel. We replaced the forearm with a new Hogue soft grip forearm. Then we swepped out the stock with an Uncle Mike's Pistol Grip Folding Stock with a built in shell holder.
The stock locks up tight and secure when it's extended. It folds tight to the frame to make a comfortable pistol grips shotgun when a shorter home defense posture is desired.
All together we have about $250 into the whole build not counting the shotgun we started with.
So this is what'll give me a tactical advantage if the need ever arises

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