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my mossberg 590 pictures

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Mossberg 590 20" parkerized with heat shield 8+1 magazine tube bead site

Ammunition is Olin MILITARY GRADE 00buck. It is blackened brass for durability even though it looks rusty and old it is not. I also have 175 rounds of federal 00 buck. That is my main SHTF plan. I have a case of bird shot too for pinking. I have a few boxes of slugs too.
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Nice I have the same gun with speed feed stock it will shoot anything you run through it great gun. My primary home defense weapon.:twisted:
what kind of shell holder is that on the stock and where did you get it?
what kind of shell holder is that on the stock and where did you get it?
Butt Stock Shotgun Shell Holder | Duty Gear | Law Enforcement | Top Brass Military

This store is down the street from my house. I haven't ordered from them online but I have been shopping with them since I was 10 years old I bought my first ALICE pack from them and they replaced the straps on it when I broke it about 10 years later. Awesome store.
Is that a butt extension, or was that pad already on it?
I am also looking at the 590 with the adjustable stock, I have a 13yo and a 16 yo that will be shooting this also so the adj. will be the best option for me
great shotgun! You'll love it more and more...
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Nice boom-stick, but.......

Holy #$%! that's a lot of ought-buck! :D
Nice street sweeper you got there.
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