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My first time ever shooting a shotgun, youtube vid

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YouTube - browning bps 3 inch magnum

Lol, this is my new shotgun i bought just a few weeks back, finally got out ot shoot it. First time i have ever shot a shotgun or rifle.

I figured it be funny to start with 3 inch 00 buck magnums.

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those 3 inchers have a good little first time shooting a 3 inch shell was with a pistol grip shot gun....
here's me shooting a shotgun for the first time ever.

YouTube - Shotgun Action Shooting

yeah, that's the ticket, me and my wife Morgan Fairchild!
ha, I'll try to upload the video of my girlfriend shooting the 12g for the first time (the only long gun she has shot before that was a .22, so she was very used to no recoil)... I'll have to look into that.
It's a feeling you don't forget:cool:
How's that shoulder???? I love shooting my shotty until I bruise!!!! Not all that long until the bruise shows up with slugs or buck shot!!!! Have fun with your new baby!!!!:cool:
Now you need to get into skeet!!!! That is a blast (pun intended)!!!!
The hardest kick I have ever experienced is from my Mossberg 835 with Winchester 3.5 inch Turkey Magnums. That combo does not make for a fun day of testing loads or sighting in. I even had my shoulder against a tree when I fired it once. I will never make that mistake again.
i shot a 3.5in mossy once , wow hopefully never again, hahhahah and VAFISH i dont think so hahahahahh we all should shoot a shotgun so well !!!!
i love shooting shotguns its so much fun.
i plan on getting one sometime soon.
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