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Holy Crap!!

I'm house sitting for my parents while their on vacation and decided to find out more about mt dad's guns. The first one I looked at was his old Remington SxS shotgun.

A little time on Google and I found out that it's a Remington 1900 K grade (Remington steel barrels, no ejector) and the serial numbers are from the lot manufactured in 1902!!

I hunted with this gun for years before getting my own and cannot remember it not being in the house.

Update 3/20/12:

Here are the pictures.

Note the serial numbers on the barrel and the 44/42 stamped on the lug. Apprently that number has an assumed "3" in front of it an it's the pellet count from a test shot of 1 1/4oz #8 shot using 511 pellets per load. So they shot the gun at a 30" target from 40 yds and 344 pellets from one barrel and 342 pellets from the other barrel hit the target. • View topic - Remington 1900 information

There's a ton of info out there at a place called Shotgun World.,cf.osb&fp=9f3b6e257402f8f7&biw=1280&bih=870
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