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My 870Z Build

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What started out as this--a plain-Jane, old-school 870 Wingmaster:

Is now this--the 870Z (Zombie):

Basically, chopped down the barrel to 18.25", added a Scattergun +2 extension and an XS Big Dot tritium bead...all for just over $250 (including the original shotgun purchase).

I was going to replace the stocks...but now, I think I'm going to keep the wood...I rather like how it looks with it.
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wow that is pretty kick arse man! looks good. And I agree you should keep the wood stock it looks way better than synthetic. I hope to find a decent wooden stock for my Maverick security 88 when it gets in, any Mossberg 500 stocks should work I believe.
I was just looking for your original thread this morning, to ask you how the progress was going.

Looks great!

I looked at an old Wingmaster today, but ended up passing on it.
The price was right, at $150.
It had quite a bit of bluing wear on the receiver and barrel, but that didn't really turn me off.
The mag tube, however, was dented up at the end and was causing the forend to not work as smoothly as I'd like.
I was thinking that if I had bought the gun to have it refinished anyway, but then the potential cost to have the mag tube fixed/replaced turned me off of the sale.

I'll probably be kicking myself for not picking it up anyway for a while.

But enough about me. Your gun is real nice looking! :D
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