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I have an "older" Remington 1100 12 gauge and am considering changing out the stock wood stock & forearm and replacing them with synthetic versions. The reason I want to do this is because I'd like to mount a scope to this gun for when i deer hunt with it. But I'm loathe to make the gun super heavy. It's about 8lbs right now and that's with the short rifled barrel. I figure adding a scope mount, rings and scope would add another 1.5 lbs or so to it. I'm conscious of the weight because we don't just sit in stands when we hunt; we do many drives and pushes and do A LOT of walking and the gun gets heavy after doing that all day (yes, we hunt all day!). I don't mind the weight as it is, but I think I will by making weigh damn near 10 lbs.

So I'm looking at buying a Remington factory Synthetic stock/forearm kit and swapping them out. The only problem is that my 1100 is one of the "older" 1100s and I've heard some users say that the replacement parts won't work as good, specifically that the magazine cap doesn't lock tightly with the new forearm installed. What I want to know is: has anyone here made this mod and if so did you have any issues with the magazine cap loosening up on you?

BTW I did look at Remington's website and they say:

The Model 1100's made before around 1982 had a detent made in the fore-end so that the magazine cap would lock down tight. New fore-ends do not have the detent. The older 1100's can be used with the clam pack parts, however you have to keep a check on the magazine cap every few shots to keep it good and tight. If the cap loosens, the barrel will have a slight movement and cause wear in the receiver.

Can anyone corroborate this with their own experience?
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