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Just picked up a Mossberg500 for personal protection.. Just hope that I never have to use it. But Im a survivor and when the SHTF, I'll know Im ready ;)
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Great shotgun, now find some good defense loads tailored to your needs and shoot the hell out of it!
mine works really with militart 00 buckshot from Cabelas, good gun/shot combo for me
Picked one up myself a few months back. Enjoying shooting it when I can. I think it is definitely a good step towards being more prepared.....

Was lucky enough to find a clearance of bird-shot to use for the range/training. Still looking for deals for self-defense loads.

Good luck with yours!
I've been thinking about getting a 500 12ga with the long and short barrels. Saw one for 349$ at the gun show last weekend, and will probably grab one if I don't buy a 870 off my buddy.
I have a 20ga 500 and love it. Great gun
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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