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Mossberg Maverick 88 Field

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I am looking for an all around shotgun. I plan to use it for trap/skeet, waterfowl (well all birds), deer, as well as turkey. I am still in college and funds are a low. I would really like the Remington 887, but I don't think I can afford a $400 shotgun at this time. I saw a Mossberg Maverick 88 Field today in a local Wal-Mart for $187 dollars. WOW! Is that cheap! I know Mossberg makes a pretty good shotgun, but there next shotty starts around $350. Why is the Maverick so cheap? Is it going to break after 100 rounds? Is the Maverick a gun that I could go shoot 100 rounds in a trap match and be ok? Could I go Quail hunting and not have issue's? And is that front ball sight replaceable, with say a fiber optic sight? My dad has a bolt action 12 gauge that was his first shotgun, it was all that he could afford when he got married. I would deffinately be following in his footsteps with the Maverick, seeing how I got married 3 weeks ago :)

All chime in are appreciated, thanks!! :razz:
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Why is the Maverick so cheap?
I don't know, other than the crossbolt safety there are minimal differences.

Is it going to break after 100 rounds?
No. I got mine at 15, and I'm almost 30 now. Probably 5k rounds through it without a hitch.

Is the Maverick a gun that I could go shoot 100 rounds in a trap match and be ok?
Could I go Quail hunting and not have issue's?

And is that front ball sight replaceable, with say a fiber optic sight?
Yes. Google the thread pattern (same as a Mossberg). Marble's makes great fiber optic replacements.

....seeing how I got married 3 weeks ago :)
Congrats, I got married 3 months ago. Great, isn't it?
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I have the exact model..but "customized" :eek:

Polymer speaks the truth! It is definitely a good piece for the money spent.
It was vent rib right? Mine is. I'm sure the bead sight can be replaced but I just screwed it off and put on 1 of those $15 fiber optic magnet sights that fit over the vent rib since it was a backup to a reflex sight I put on.

I've put about 600 rounds through it with no troubles. About 200 of those have been 3in. mag buck/slugs.

There are better shottys out there for sure, but for under $200 brand new, The Mav88 is hard to beat.
I've owned one, best friend just got one (ah8046) he got the 7+1 version. More parts and barrels for the 5+1, but for a dedicated HD shotty the 7+1 is awesome. (there is a 28" for the 7+1 but that and the 20" I believe are the only options)

Couple differences some parts are made in Mexico. Pricewise less machining on the receiver lowers costs as well due to the safety not on it.

Trigger gaurd is plastic, it can break, but I'm the only person thats had that happen and they do replace it for free no need to send the gun in, just the trigger gaurd in an envelope. Maybe I got a bad one? But great service fixing it for me.

FYI it might come with wood dowel for hunting remove barrel, tilt down dowel falls out, put back together and its 5+1 shells. 1 more than the stock remington.

Can handle buckshot IMO better than the remington.

Great shotgun 80% the upgrades of a remington are available (all the same products just a few less companies for certain parts)

Can put on a sidesaddle, but be careful due to the thinner receiver you can warp it by installing a screw the ONLY downside. they have a cheaper production process due to looser tolerances so they don't seem to have factory issues like remington from cost cutting. (remington had to meet their price to be competitive, mossberg they didn't have to change a thing)

Beads replaceable, in the short term it will work for HD but you would prefer a 18.5" barrel (I love me a vent rib barrel but I'm apparently unusual) It might be cheaper to get the short barrel and later find a longer barrel due to demand than the other way around.

I love them, and the shell lifter stays up so if you have gloves on less chance to catch a finger while loading... I did it on the 870 I have a few times, once in stress could be lethal.

P.S. next time this goes in the other gun forum. but were more than happy to answer you regardless.
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