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Mossberg furniture question:

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I've found that, after much trial and error with most brands out there, overall I prefer the Mossberg 500/590 pump shotguns to the other pumps out there. And, since I got rid of my little riot gun configuration 870 (wood stocks, bead sights), I would like a short, handy pump shotgun around.

So, my winter gun project is going to be to find a beat up old 590 or 500, and configure it how I like (18" barrel, luminous bead, wood furniture, flowing robes...striking:D).

Which brings me to: I dislike Mossberg's standard fore end; I prefer the corncob-style like you can find on 870P's, Winchesters, etc., particularly for tactical shotguns.

Does anybody make a wooden fore end like that for Mossbergs? A quick search of the usual sources (Brownells, et al) revealed squat.
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The stock fore end has a lot of meat on it, you could get out some wood rasps (Harbor Freight has a really cheap set) and go to it..
I've considered that; personally, though, I'd rather get one pre-made.
My old master mag 880c had one of those. I don't know where you could order one from. Try looking for a master mag (500 made for coast to coast hardware stores) I've seen them a bit rusty for 99 at the Pawn shops.
If you would like a synthetic stock Mossberg already has the butt stock and forend that you are looking for. Check with Mossberg to see how much they cost and if they will ship you a set when you get the shotgun.

If you want wood stocks check Havlin Sales & Service. They should have want you are looking for.
No specific gun comment here, just wanted to high five the Buckaroo Banzai references by PerfectTommy
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