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Mossberg forend question

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Hey guys,

Wondering if anybody has the answer to my question. I have two Mossberg 500s and of them is an 8 shot 20inch barrel with the 7 5/8 action slide tube. the other is a 18.5 with an without the detachable forend. The i got the shorter one so my girlfriend would have an easier time shooting (she loves shotguns) but i hate the forend it came with, it just feels cheezy and cheap. I wouldnt mind buying an action slide tube and new forend, but im worried it will make the forend too far away for her. they both have the same size LOP stock but the forend is def closer on the 18.5 inch and she is comfortable with it. Do the 6 3/4 inch forends bring it closer or is it just as far away? I thought the big castle nut on the 6 3/4 makes it just as long as the 7 5/8 but i might be wrong. I know i could prob get away with putting shorter LOP stock on it but its comfortable for her now so i feel like its just the forend i need to change any help would be appreciated.
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based on my maverick, the action tube comes almost all the way back to the receiver. If she has the one piece pinned forearm now, the aftermarket will be atleast the same.
As long as we are talking about this.....what about feedback on forend pistol grips? for Mossbergs.
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