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Mossberg 930 spx

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I am about to go pick one if these up this weekend and I was just wondering if anyone on here that has any experience with one. I've read a few reviews online but I trust you guys more. So lets hear it the good bad and ugly
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There are a few of us on here that have them. My experience seems to be fairly typical - the SPX is finicky and takes some experimenting with different shells and loads to get it to work consistently.

Make sure you buy yours new and be prepared to send it in for warranty work if need be.
I guess it depends on your perspective. There are plenty of guns out there that are finicky about ammo. My XD45 is. That doesn't make it a bad gun, but it does mean that the buyer should beware in purchasing it.
Very true well I appreciate the heads up
Mine has never been finicky. I have shot everything from #8 to 00 and slugs with no issues other than a sore shoulder with the slugs. My only gripe, is I got one of the early ones that had the wrong height front sight and as a result, it shoots high, but, I have adapted to that. Other than that, not a single malfunction. I even installed the side saddle shell carrier on mine which some say will cause problems with no issues. On a side note, my buddy has a Benneli semi auto that was about 200 more than the SPX and it shoots like a dream. If you can wait and save a little more, I would do that.
I've got a 930spx(three gun) and 930turkey(skeet) with atleast 5,000 rounds through each though it and never had one problem with either one. Both shoot everything I've thrown threw them.
My 930SPX has been flawless with buckshot and slugs. 100's of rounds through and nothing but perfection. That said(tm), the only problems I've heard (first hand) about the 930 are from a friend (who also has one) who had problems when he used light (#7 or 8 birdshot loads through it. The empty cartridges wouldn't cycle out completely. However, he has no problems at all when shooting more powerful loads like 00 Buck and slugs, just like I do. I haven't tried light bird shot through mine yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it short cycled the bolt similar to his.

It is a wonderful shotty for home defense and I would highly recommend it. I wouldn't give mine up for nothing!
Thanks guys I feel better hearing some good reviews
I have had a 930spx for 2+ years now and it has always worked well from days one.

I first shot about 40 rounds of magnum loads and then went to the cheap #8 and 7.5 (shot about 75 of those). Also mixed in some slugs and buckshot.

Now with 500+ rds threw only one case of FTE.

I really like my spx, enjoy yours.
I've had feed issues since day one with my SPX. I tried the suggested break in period of 50+ higher power loads and found even after that it just doesn't like certain shells. I even add an enhanced follower to at least alleviate spring binding as a potential issue. Worst case scenario it just needs to be racked again and then it's good to go. I'm going to take it in to a gunsmith and see it there is something they can do.

I also added a TLR-1 light with a pressure switch and a 4 round side saddle. Don't get me wrong it's a fun gun and I have used it in some 2 and 3 gun matches.

If I had to do over again I would have probably spent the extra dough and sprung for the Benelli M4. It's a big jump but people spend that on an AR without questioning it. I'm starting to think I want to go with quality over quantity now that I have some quantity!
I've got a 930spx(three gun) and 930turkey(skeet) with atleast 5,000 rounds through each though it and never had one problem with either one. Both shoot everything I've thrown threw them.
5,000 shotgun rounds through each! Holy crap that's some serious shooting!
Thanks guys I picked mine up yesterday just need to get out and give it a test run hopefully without any issues and five thousands rounds? Holy crap
I don't know if I've lucky ones or not, but I've had absolutely no problem with them. I run the pretty wet with CLP, I'll douse them after cleaning and an extra spray every 100 rounds. I usually don't fire more than 500-600 rounds without cleaning them. Shotgun was my week point in three gun. So, I've been practicing none stop on the weekends to get my movement and reloading downpat.
What do you guys use to lube the mag tube spring?
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