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Mossberg 590 Bolt removal

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I have a vintage 590 from 1999 that I want to disassemble the bolt. There is one pin that I cannot remove even though I have whacked it with my ape arms and a big hammer. I have bent/destroyed one tool already.

Anyone know if these are pressed in?
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P. uss

Get a bigger hammer :p

I don't mean to insult your intelligence bro
Mossberg 590 500 bolt dissassembly,How to? - THR
Aparently some were saying use steel punches..brass ones get boogered up

Worse comes to worse...soak that sucker over night in a tub of PB Blaster
Naw not insulted as I get called a vagina on many gun forums :-|

Yeah I have watched that guys vids but they simply strip the gun and reassemble.

The explanation from the THR thread is far better but I am still wary about hitting this thing harder. This next time I will lay a chunk of drill wood under it and give it a little more space to move. The pin has yet to move AT ALL even though I have bent a cheap Lowes tool.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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