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So a buddy of mine has a Mossberg 500A. He put a tactical grip on it along with an M4 collapsible stock. Recently the gun will not fire if the forearm has pressure on it towards the receiver. If he keeps pressure on it facing towards the target it fires every time. He wants to fix it so I have done some research and some logical thinking of the operation of the weapon and I have come to two possibilities. The first is that the bolt slide that the bolt sits on top of needs to be replaced because it is not properly holding the bolt in place and this is leading to the malfunction or the second issue that came to mind. This would be that the forend has somehow over time lengthened and this means that with pressure facing towards the receiver is pushing the bolt slide enough so that the firing pin will not properly contact the primer on a shell. These are just some thoughts that I came to based on no gun ownership so I hope to receive some advice from anyone who is better well versed in the Mossberg 500 than myself.

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