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Mossberg 500a ('1995) Elevator malfunction

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I installed a new forend and everything went smooth until I installed the barrel.

The action and elevator works fine without the barrel installed, once the barrel is installed the elevator blocks the eject port....

Any ideas of why it works fine without the barrel?? I have stipped it and reinstalled everything three times now, must be something I am missing each time?!?!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....
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Pics might help.

Are you sure the new forend is letting the slide go all the way back?
The only time the elevator doesn't block the ejection port is when the slide is fully rearward and if the new forend doesn't quite fit it may be dragging on the back of the barrel where it's fatter and not letting it slide all the way back.
check the barrel for marks that may indicate the new forend is hitting/rubbing it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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