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Mossberg 500/Westernfield 12 guage?

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I just got one, for 10 dollars from my brother. Lol. It is surely not in good shape. Missing the main pin that goes through the trigger group and receiver. Finish is so weak it almost is polished. The receiver itself says,

Westernfield, Made in U.S.A. M550 OABD 12 GA.

But the barrel is an authentic Mossberg. So, my question is, which is it? Anyone have any ideas?

A second question. Someone used a dremel to cut a slot in the front of the trigger group. its got a slot cut in the front of it, to accept a crosspiece used to hold up the trigger group itself from the front. I'm thinking the part is stock to the gun, because it is matching finished aluminum. And the slot that takes the crosspiece in the receiver is perfectly cut and finished. So that leads me to believe that the trigger group doesn't belong to this particular gun? Who knows? Anyone? Please help!
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My Grandpa had a Western Field 12 Ga pump that is now at my Dad's and will someday, I figure, will be mine. They are Mossberg 500's that were made for Montgomery Ward back in the 70's (at least) maybe even before that. Western Field was just the store brand from Montgomery Ward and they were made by the major manufacturers, then stamped with that name. Ted Williams by Sears is another case like that.

I'm not sure about the trigger group.
throw up some pictures of it?

it may very well just interchange with normal 500 parts.

the price of that pin would be worth it from Brownell's just to find out.
maybe the trigger group was modified to be a full auto pump? :rolleyes:
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