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Mossberg 500 Gouged Receiver?

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When I had purchased my Mossy 500 a year ago it had no problems and didn't seem to have this sort of cosmetic issue inside the receiver before Sunday 4/22/2012 I was cleaning my shotgun after shooting about 200 Rounds of Federal 12ga Target Loads and 100 Rounds of Winchester 12ga Universal Loads (I was skeet shooting with some buds of mine) I didn't notice anything as I was shooting but the next day when I started to strip it down and clean every thing I noticed a large gouge in the receiver where I could see the bare aluminum. I was just wondering if this is normal or if I should go get it checked out. If you guys have a Mossberg 500 I would like to see if you have this similar issue.

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Yes, mine has some wear there too.

Inside on the top of the receiver, there are a few spots where the anodizing wore off. It's an aluminum receiver, so it's going to wear some. Unless there are visibly deep gouges into the metal, and just not the finish worn off, I wouldn't worry. Yours looks similar to mine, but can't really tell from your pics.
I don't think its just the finish because when I noticed it I dragged my finger across it and my fingernail gets caught up in the burrs where it came off. Its not just the finish that wore off.
Maybe a shell rim slightly out of spec and when you racked the forearm back the shell rim made contact with the receiver??
Looks like normal wear.

Didn't show up as silver in my pics for some reason, but it is...

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Not sure if its with all the 500's but I just wanted to know if anyone else had the same thing. Probably is normal.
Mine has similar marks inside.tom.
Same problem!

Looks like the same thing. To be honest Im worried about it. Hope someone has some answers...
Normal wear marks... Mine has them, as does most every other 500 I've looked at.
What I'm not sure of is whether they are from the bolt's action or from shell rims during ejection? That is all I'm curious about.
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