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mossberg 500 30"

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Been looking into getting a shotgun for a bit and went to a gun show and bought a mossberg 500 with 30" full choke. This is the first shotgun iv owned and know really nothing. Im looking to get into deer hunting and mabey try other game. Plus i like to go to the range and shoot. So with this setup what am i going to be able to do with it and what ammo? If i need a new barrel what should i be looking for? I picked this up for $100 this good, avg, or bad?
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I have a Mossberg Maverick which is the same platform as the 500. I do not hunt and purchased it strictly for home defense and to use at the range. It was purchased for $189.00 at my local Wally World. If you purchased it used in good/excellent condition for $100 you got a good deal.....imho. The only modifications I made are a heat shield, light and switched the 28" barrel out for a 18 1/4" barrel.


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You should post a pic up! :D

$100 is common for picking up an older or well used Mossy 500. Any idea how old it is? Can't really compare price to the Mavrick, which is sort of the economy model, but they still work really well.

I'd cut the barrel, but I also don't use shotgun during deer season. Gunbroker is a good source of used barrels. No point in buying a new barrel in my mind. If you really like your Mossy, then after a while just buy a factory new one.
You'll want to get a different barrel. A full choke barrel is really only good for lead shot. For deer get a rifled slug barrel and for everything else pick up a 28" accu choke barrel so you can change chokes for different situations. Then for security purposes pick up an 18.5 barrel. Barrels are fairly cheap if you keep watching and aren't in a hurry on gun broker. I have 2 500's. A western field with adjustable choke barrel in 28" and a woodlands camo version with a 24". I just bought a 28" inch camo barrel for 99 bucks on broker and an 18.5 for 34 on broker. I've seen a lot of 28" accuchoke barrels sell for around 50. Check gun stores and pawn shops for barrels too. They have them pretty cheap too.
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