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moss. cruiser in 20 guage for HD

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I like the cruiser models
is a 20 guage easily handible in a cruiser and good for HD?
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I am not sure about the cruiser model but 20 guage #2 or #3 buck is a great home defense round
I read in one of firearm magazines that a 20 gauge is all you need for HD. After doing research, I chose the Mossberg 500 in 20gauge.Today I picked her up and I could not be happier. The Mossberg and Remington allows for interchangable barrels, which for me is one reason I chose Mossberg. It was also a good choice for the wife to handle if needed. Mossberg has a 10 year warranty, not sure about Remington.
Congrats! Picking up my Remi 870 tact today. It's nice knowing I have a shot gun for HD. Good Luck and Happy Shooting!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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