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met a guy - saiga12

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Hey all,

At the range yesterday I met a guy who builds saiga12s. He does bang up work. He has been converting saigas for a long time. Wont mention any specific companies on tv shows, but long before those guys.

He really knew his stuff and his workmanship was top notch. My favorite piece was a converted saiga 12 with hk sights. it was wonderful.

He also prototyped a slide fire type stock and you can see him using it on his website. runs 950rpm

He lives down the street from my mom :cool:

anything you guys need, or any help he is more than happy to help. he does this because he loves it, not to make money.

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Cool. I am in Georgia as well and always looking for info and ideas when it comes to modding guns. Here is a pic of my almost finished converted Saiga 12.

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Thread shown no love... Might as well turn it into Saiga pRon! :twisted:

Conversions are my own work.




Saigatech is a well known/well regarded Member over at
I suggest taking full advantage of his Saigasmithing skillz.
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