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My friend bought an older Winchester 1300 without a barrel at a gun show several years ago and had it sitting in his safe for years. He never got around to setting the gun up so he ended up giving it to me as a gift. The magazine is a 5 shot so I am now looking around for barrel. Winchester no longer offers the barrel, so I ve found some barrels for sale online. Of the options I have I think I m going to just go ahead with the blued 5 shot 22" barrel. I m planning on using this shotgun as a home defense piece, but will probably take it out the range for some recreational use, maybe to shoot clays and targets too. One of my family members has the 8-shot defender model and a friend has the 1300 mariner - both of them really enjoy it. So I think I ll be putting on that 22" barrel and full stock. I ve also considered a collapsible stock, but I dont know if they are any good. Any tips out there? Thanks in advance. BTW I want to be able to shoot slugs, bird shot and buck...
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