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Long Tom single shot 12 Gage

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Hi all, I've been doing a little research trying to find out what I can about my shotgun. It was given to me by my dad last year, he bought it from a friend, anyway it says LONG TOM on the side, 12 GA CHOKE on the barrel, and below the trigger gaurd is a six digit serial #. It has a 36" long barrel. From what I've learned about these guns so far is that several gun manufacturers produced these for Sears & Roebuck and Montgomery wards. They were manufactured by Stevens, Savage, Meridian, and Cresent Firearms from the late 1890's through the mid 40's. My question is can anyone tell me which manufacturer, and possibly the year of my gun. I can post up the serial # and pictures if anyone is interested. The gun is in real good shape, considering it's potential age, no signs of pitting, the inside of the barrel looks real good, thes stock has a small crack but nothing major. Any help would be appreciated.
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