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leaded chokes tubes

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I picked up a paid of choke tube . Both modified extended steel tubes for Mossy 500 1 a 20G the other a 12G . They both look like they have had slugs fired through them with heavy deposits of lead . How do I clean them ? And if they did have slugs through them are they hurt?
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A good bore solvent, some brushing and elbow grease, they should clean up. As for damage, as long as the threads are not pulled or stretched, and if the tubes don`t appear to be distorted and they are not cracked, should be fine.
I have used a stainless steel "tornado" brush, with good results. This brush has closed loops of stainless wire. I bought mine at Wally World.....Robin
I have good results using Smith & Wesson bore gel, along with a stainless brush.
You will have to let it sit overnight, and may have to repeat to get all the foiling out.
Amongst all the pistols and long guns I shoot is'a 1911A1 that is one of my favorites.
I will typically run through 100 to 200 rounds of lead semi wad cutter.
The lead fouling is so bad in the forcing cone and the first 2"inches of the barrel is leaded to them point that the rifling can't be seen.
The best I have found is the S&W bore gel to clean up the fouling.
I sometimes have to let the barrel soak overnight a couple of times at least.
If anything is nickel plated keep the bore gel away from the plated parts.
Hope this helps and good luck.
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