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Kel-Tec Bullpup Shotgun

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Bullpup action, Double magazine tubes, 14 shell capacity, with on-the-fly selection of which tube you want to shoot from. Slugs now...buckshot later.

This is possibly the coolest concept ive ever seen in a shotgun. It'd be interesting to see how well the design holds up...

Idk if this link will take u straight to the pic or not, but it's image 20 of 20.
Might be a pain for everyone if you only wanna look at the shotgun...idk

The Tactical Side of Things From SHOT Show 2011 | Field & Stream
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post # 10 million on this. sheesh.

it's ok new guy, just look around a bit better before posting :)
Not even halfway down the main page of the shotgun section of this site:
oops my bad. Ignore my ignorance. I just get too excited sometimes...:oops:
I just get too excited sometimes...:oops:
So does my Chihuahua! ;)
its ok :) Keep on posting and learning!
So does my Chihuahua! ;)
At least i didn't piddle on the carpet from all the excitement....this time.;)
If there's anything worth getting excited over, it's definitely this new KSG from KelTec. So, I don't blame you! :D
I don't mind reading post 10 million on this thing because it looks pretty bad a$$. I'll get tired of reading about it when I've got mine in my mitts.
Hey... When you consider how many new "Help Me Decide...", or "Which Shotgun", or "Which Home Defense..." threads pop up each Month (Week?)... This ain't bad at all. :D
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