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Keep the pressure on!

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Let's be sure not to drop our guard on this gun control nonsense comming out of Washington. Please send a message to our elected officials in any way or ways that you can.
Join or sign or convince someone to join at least one of the pro 2nd Ammendment groups
Email,call,write or visit your elected officals, and do it over and over and over again.
Attend the upcomming pro 2nd ammendment rallys, and attend all of them that you can.
What I'm saying folks is, don't just do these things, but KEEP doing them over and over and over. DON'T STOP!
There is only one thing that these people want MORE than they want your firearms, and that is your vote. And the only thing that they relate to votes is numbers. SO, let's show them some numbers. Some BIG numbers.
I just emailed my representatives again for the fourth time, and I plan to do that every week until this foolishness is over.
I also plan to attend a pro 2nd ammendment rally at my state capitol week after next, and I am daily trying to convince people I come into contact with to support our 2nd Ammendment rights.


Donnie D
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