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Just ordered these new Truglo slug barrel sights

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Just bought these Truglo slug barrel sights to replace the stock "rifle" sights on my Remington 1100 slug barrel. Should be a big improvement over the stock sights, especially in the low light conditions.

I'll get them mounted when I go home to the farm for a week next week and will post a pic of them when I get them on. I'll also try to post an update once I shoot them and sight them in.

Anyone else used these? Anything to watch out for? Thanks.
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I know several people who use them (or something similar) for deer hunting.

They seem to work well in that capacity.
I know several people who use them (or something similar) for deer hunting.

They seem to work well in that capacity.
Right, that's exactly what I intend to use them for. I don't want to put a scope on my shotgun because my gun's not drilled & tapped for it and because I didn't want to carry the extra weight of a scope, rings and mount on the gun (would add about 1.5 lbs to a gun that's about 8 lbs as it is). Also didn't want to spend the cash to buy all that stuff either.

We do a lot of deer drives, and a lot of walking, and we don't shoot much over 100 yards, so I think these will fill the bill nicely. And if they don't, well it was only $27 so no big deal.
I'd say for $30 they're worth a try!
Just got done installing the sights on the gun today. The sights appear to be of high quality, especially for the price point. They are steel, at which I was pleasantly surprised (I thought they were aluminum) and seem to be quite well-machined. Installation was relatively simple. For the rear sight all I had to do was take of a screw on the top of the stock rear, remove the aperture from the bottom half of the sight, and use that same screw on the Truglo sight to center and tighten it on the bottom half. For the front sight, my Dad and I used a brass punch to drift out the stock front and drift the new sight in. It went in rather stiffly, but that's good, since it should stay snuggly in the dovetail. Took all of 5 minutes.

Overall, I'm super happy with them so far. The two green rear dots, and the red front dot, make for a super fast sight picture. My eyes just jump to those glowing dots and the contrast is very good. I also like that the rear aperture on the Truglo is wider than the stock sights, which will allow me to get on target much faster (helpful since most of the deer I shoot at tend to be moving--we do a lot of deer drives). I may lose a little bit of precision, but for slug gun hunting at 100 yards or less, it should still be more than adequate.

I'll have to wait til hunting season to render the final verdict, but I'm very happy with these so far.
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