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James Yeager is a Disgrace

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Some/many may disagree with me, but the last thing we in the firearm and shooting community is need is guys like James Yeager issuing "duels" and calling people out and his constant and unending stream of profanity, nonsense and "danger checks" and shooting toward photographers. And now his latest stunt: announcing he is going to start killing people.

I've have it with the Internet wanna-bes, the "phony tough" and the "crazy brave" as it was well put in Full Metal Jacket.

It's time we stop letting nonsense go or excusing it or justifying it. Let's call it what it is.

So here you go:

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His permit to carry has been suspended, guessing that's only the beginning.
His permit to carry has been suspended, guessing that's only the beginning.
more than likely.
I think he (like most of us) has had it with the government over running our lives. He did go to the extreme by saying he is gonna start shooting people if this gun control debate goes one inch further. There are a right way to do things and a wrong way. He has edited that video now though. Still he said it and it was viewed by millions.
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James Yeager is a Disgrace - Part II - Or: How to Get Your CCW Permit Yanked in One Easy Step

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He is lucky he was not brought up on charges of terroristic threats.
He is lucky he was not brought up on charges of terroristic threats. least not yet.
Well Yeager is Yeager. He teaches a lot of people to fight with their firearms. Yep he uses profanity, yep he has a goatee and tattoos but apparently he is good at what he does as he makes quite a living at it but at least you know where he stands.

I have never met or trained with him. I have no professional or financial interest in his school. I do watch his videos some I agree with, I don't.

Hello Amsdorf. It is hard to keep track of you. It seems like every time I see one of your posts you have already been banned from the site so I can't respond.

People either like Yeager or they don't. As I stated I don't agree with everything he says but we all have the right to an opinion I guess. It probably was not a smart idea to say what he did but he said what a lot of people are thinking.

The internet is full of conspiracy theory guys who talk about fighting the Government, have Molan Labe flags, tattoos, prep for the Government takeover and so on he simply stated his position, but whatever.

I never did get an answer to the question I asked on youtube about your tactical/police/military background before you blocked myself and several others who questioned you from your youtube site, to bad I bet it would have been a very short answer.
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He is a Dipsh!t... He might know what he is talking about, but he has no clue on how to teach it. Also he is very bias on firearms and only what he likes is right.
Yep. A nut
Thanks for the feedback and input.
I haven't met Yeager or even seen his video rant, If has said irresponsible things it is the duty of the NRA io disavow his actions and suspend his membership. In the video's. I do agree with McCain saying the last thing the responsible shooting community to be represented and seen by millions as the poster child of the shooting community in general.
The range I use is the damnedest thing you ever seen. It is a public range ran by the DNR complete with 2 skeet/trap range and the incomparable five stand where the really die-hard, serious shooters hang out. The thing I never expected with the five stand was the social aspects of the "machine". many of us shoot it just the pleasure of blasting clays and don't keep score. But we are usually extremely aware of gun safety because skeet/trap is such a dynamic environment with high velocity lead going in a lot of different directions. We do a fair amount talking through and between rounds and the consensus is the general public is ignorant of gun safety in general, read only what the liberal news media deigns to publish, and the massacres are tragic and increasing, the Sandy Hook massacre was extremely scary to the general population and the fact that an AR platform was used in the attack only gave ammunition to liberals to ban the so called "assault-weapons" with their 30 round magazines. (personally I find large capacity magazines bulky and heavy and my largest mags are 15-20 rounds with my preference the 15 rd. version)
There is no real debate on the 2nd amendment rights. The left refuse to acknowledge that the constitution was written by men who had a grave fear of government, That guns was necessary for the citizens to deter a tyrannical government, hence the second ammendment. The last 12 years since 911 has seen a drastic overreach by government into the citizens privacy and over-reach by federal law enforcement, specifically Homeland security, ATF, DOJ and the NSA. The NSA revelation is particularly disturbing because everyone, the media, the government are downplaying the NSA has the phone data records of every American citizen, and the only was to make use of such large amount of data is to run everything through computer mathematical algorithms and search and link programs. Local LE already uses commercial programs specifically designed for this against drug dealers. It is an easy matter to scale up these programs on high-speed server platforms. The technology is cheap, the data is in the government hard-drives, and we have an administration that has become increasing aggressive in using the technology against the privacy of all of it citizens. The government is out of control.
There are legal remedies and rights available to the citizens to alter this.
James Yeager may be justifiably up set with government intrusion. But his in the face belligerence is not the way to fix the problem.
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