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Jack of All Trades Shotgun

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My newest shotgun.
I received a generous Christmas Bonus from my employer and went straight to the the store.
I decided on a Mossy500 Field & Deer combo, with dual comb.
Thought it would be a great start to my new Jack of All Trades shotgun.

I've been wanting a shotgun that I could do almost anything with.
Skeet/Trap & other range fun, hunting feathers-n-fur and Home Defense.
To do this I was going to choose between the Mossberg 500 & Remington 870, both excellent shotguns.
The Mossberg 500 won out.
Cost was one factor as I could buy a combo and add another barrel, cheaper than I could with the Remington.
Ergonomics also came into play, I like the 500's safety better, much more natural to me, and the slide release on the 500 is much easier too.
The Mossberg being lighter was also a Pro.

28" ported smoothbore, VR, dual bead sight and it came with 3 accu-chokes, skeet/mod/full.

24" rifled with porting and cantilever scope mount.

I also want my new Jack of All Trades, as my bedside boomstick.
So I ordered a Security barrel, 18.5" cylinder bore with brass bead sight.

Not being happy with just the 18.5" barrel, I felt I needed to take the bedside boomstick to the next level, and bought a few upgrades.
1) I decided to upgrade the bead sight to a night sight.
2) The shoddy plastic safety was sticky and felt like crud, I wanted a

Meprolight Tritium Tru-Dot to go on the 18.5" Security barrel.
Had to make a shim in order to get it to index, bit of a PITA.
But once done it is very satisfactory, nice white dot in full light and bright green in low/dark light.

Get one!


Vang Comp oversized safety button.
I like it a lot... Easy to install, looks and feels good.
Really smoothed out the safety and provides a very positive tactile feel.

Get one!

Orange anodized aluminum mag follower.
Meh... I was hoping it would be brighter/glossier than pictured, but it was almost exactly as pictured.
A bit of buyers remorse, wish it was cheaper, but I'm satisfied overall.

Could live without it.


Next up is a heat shield for the 18.5" barrel.
Heat Shield Mossberg 500 590 12 Ga Synthetic Black
Pics when I get it... If I get it.
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Looks good the way it is.
I was all in until you mentioned the heat shield.

The gun still has a classy look to it.
A heat shield is gonna cheapen that and look silly..IMHO

But it is your gun...;)
Looks good the way it is.
I was all in until you mentioned the heat shield.

The gun still has a classy look to it.
A heat shield is gonna cheapen that and look silly..IMHO

But it is your gun...;)
I fully understand where you're coming from.
Right now it is KISS, just blued steel and wood.
You're right a heat shield on the 18.5" barrel is a little overboard, at least I'm not putting a danged sidesaddle on it though. ;)
If it looks too much, I'll just toss it in the Box-O-Parts.
Glad you understand.
I like the sight and the safety.
LOVE the mag follower, really, I think it is cool.
Looks like something I'd spend the money on..
I also like how versatile your gun is.

If I had the money, my idea home shotty would be this one with an ext mag tube..
So you know what my mind set is...;)

Maybe some day...:cool:
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nice looking shotgun, Mossbergs are an excellent choice! The first gun I ever killed anything with was a 500 20 Ga. that I borrowed from my uncle and took my 1st squirrel with. My brother has 2 500s, one is identical to yours, (but his is totally stock), and the other is a synthetic stock, scoped, rifled barred, dedicated slug gun that he got for deer. Both have been great for him and I love shooting them as well.

Even though my Remington 1100 is my go-to hunting shotgun, Mossy 500/590 would be my go to tactical shotgun, mostly because I love the tang safety (I'm a left so cross-bolts don't work as well for me).

I like how you've modded it except for the heatshield idea. I'm just not a big fan of them (un-necessary and add a lot of weight in my experience) but I understand a lot of people like to have them, both for heat reduction and to give their gun a more B-A look. A buddy of mine had one on his 500 for those exact reasons. To each his own I suppose, but either way you've chosen a great gun that will no doubt serve you well!
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Nice, good shotgun and you made it better. Stay safe
Very nice! You'll decide if you like the shield. I wouldn't put one on my 590 SP, but, I happen to like it on my 500. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your modifications :)
Thanks for the replies, kind words and constructive criticism.

The Heat Shield isn't likely to happen now.
I've been bidding steadily at ebay, and always outbid, refuse to pay full retail on something I'm not sure I want in the first place.
So I'm taking it as a omen, that it isn't and wasn't meant to be.

But I did finally decide on a decent two point sling.
I love my 500. I got the home and field combo which was the 18.5" Barrel and the 28". That safety looks interesting, I don't like how sticky and stiff gritty mine feels.
I've been looking at different followers as well. I want an orange one, it helps with faster checking to see if you have anything in the tube. That's nice for on the skeet range when leaving the line.
So glad to finally see a home defense gun that most of us could actually use. It looks good and I hope it gets some game on the table as well as bedside duty. Like it better than the black plastic guns you couldn't actually use for hunting and just sit around and have pictures taken for Internet forums instead of being fired.
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