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Ithica Model 51 "Featherlight"

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Hello, im new to hunting (19y/o) i just bought my 1st shotgun from a pawnshop for $286 out the door. I knew i wanted a semi auto and this was all they had in my price range that seemed in "decent" condition im a poor college kid haha.... I can get more pics upon request if needed, these probly suck i took them from my phone

Barrel says "Model 51- Featherlight" SN 510031458. Id like some info on this shotgun, does it shoot 00 Buck well? Or should i put a different barrel on it? Like i said im new to this and would like to know any improvements i should or need to do for it to be a decent WhiteTail gun

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what is the choke on the bbl you have?
featherweights...hmmm, not a good choice for heavy loads. it was intended to be an all day carry gun for bird hunting shooting light bird shot loads.
you screwed up.
m51's had a reputation to melt gas pistons and break carrier rods. if it fails to cycle look there first. basicially, you got a lemon. limit it to light loads. they were discontinued back in the 80's.
Eh, if i cant use it for deer i can use it for duck and clay shooting? My friends seem to do that more than anything when we get bored.... I kinda figured id get took because i knew it couldnt be too great for that price out the door. Maybe in a couple months i can use some of its value as a trade in at another shop for something better haha. It was a spur of the moment thing cuz we are going clay shooting this weekend and i wanted my own gun to take
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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