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It never ends... It just never ends.

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It never ends... It just never ends... There is always another accessory that must be had.
Much like ARs, Saiga12s are easily modified and have a great selection of aftermarket parts/accessories.
This is both a blessing and a curse :twisted:

Just got rid of the crappy Tapco T6 stock (which served well) and added both VLTOR AK adapter tube and Emod buttstock.
Tube is inline with the barrel, and I do perceive a reduction in felt recoil.

I had to re-zero, as the new tube/stock raised POI nearly 10" at 50 yards, seemed a pretty drastic change.
It took raising the Krebs FS pin a good .25" to get back on target.

Next planned change will be exchanging the polymer Surefire tri-rail for a aluminum one, I like the Chaos tri-rail.

Do you have a S12? Post it up, lets see your Russian Hammer :D

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how much did you pay for the unmodded saiga?
how much did you pay for the unmodded saiga?
Afew years back. 199.99. haha, most people now-a-days are so wack in the head...their paying 800 for a base model. I saw one here being held for a customer....the customer bought it for 1925.99, w/o DROS fee and Tax!! 2000 dollars isnt worth a 199.99 dollar gun. It looks nice, but not worth it. ;D
I want one now damnit! Gotta get my AK first though.
Looks wicked! Did you try out the new accessories at the range yet?
It just never ends... LOL.

My S12 with new to me Chaos tri-rail, replaces old SGM/Surefire tri-rail.

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