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Intrac Arms?

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Anyone heard of Intrac Arms. A friend of mine has one of there shotguns for HD. He wanted my opinion of it. Never heard of the company before. 12 gauge 3" chamber with 18.5" barrel. Wood stock and forend. Let me know your thoughts.
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Really guys, no comments (crickets chirp slowly in background). Just kidding. The only thing I've heard about them is they don't make guns, they just import shotguns from China and AK47's from Romania. I guess I should tell my budy to test it at the range and get a more reputable model when money gets better.
the shotgun is a remington 870 clone that is issued to the chinese military. blindfolded, you would not be able to tell the difference (imo). They are decently made and reliable, plus a few hundred dollars cheaper than a remington. Think of it as the maverick 88 of the remington line.
well heres a interesting tidbit -

Previous importer located in Knoxville, TN. Intrac imported trademarks manufactured by Arsenal Bulgaria, and by IM Metal Production facility in Croatia late 2000-2004. Previously imported by HS America, located in Knoxville, TN.


Intrac Arms International, 5005 Chapman Highway, Knoxville, TN 37920, is an importer of new, production, Russian-manufacture weapons, Chinese shotguns and muzzleloading rifles. No web site. Tel: 865-573-0065 or toll-free 800-251-9871.
from the saiga forums

"I had a POS Chinese Intrac double barrel coach gun once that could have met that description.

Of course the wooden fore-end on it would fall off too (thus getting it ready for cleaning I assume? ) every time the barrel latch was pushed sideways on it too to open the barrels for reloading, "
Im pretty closed minded on alot of items. Ill take name brand on quite a few things.
Thats funny that someone mentions name brand over anything. Intrac were the original imports of the HS2000.......the original XD.
My HS2000 Gen. 1 came from INTRAC.
That is too funny about the HS2000. I told my buddy to put at least 100 rounds through it. Especially whatever kind of ammo he plans on using.
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