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Info. Model 11, 12 Ga. Browning Frame

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Would love to have information on my granddads Rem. model 11, 12 ga. on a Browning frame shotgun that has been passed down to me as when made, how many and worth. The info. i have is as follows;
The gun was won by my grandfather at a shooting match in Kermit, WV. in the 1940's, it's bluing is worn and has some cracks (small) in stock, but overall looks good and shoots perfect - He always told me if you can see a squirrel,you can kill it with this gun and i've done this many a time...

Top of barrel - The Remington Arms
Union Metallic
Remington Ilion
WKS Ilion, NY.

Brownings Patents on barrel - Oct. 09, 1900, Dec. 17, 1901, June 18, 1903

Serial # - 276441

Rt. Side @ Forarm - REM
UMC with circle around both
Left Side @ Forarm - R.E.P. Circled
with letters FULL under it

Orange shoulder pad on stock has Western Field with cut outs XOXOXOXOX in rubber for cushioning.

Thank you for any info. on this, i do appreciate it!!!
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is it a 5 or 3 shot?
At last, a shotgun on here that I can relate to!

Try the Remington Society. As you're not listing any barrel date codes, it's quite possible that the gun was made before 1921 when Remington started using them.

Remington Society of America - questions/barrelcodes

They're saying the codes are on the left side of the barrel, but on my 11-48, the date code is on the right side and the barrel is serial numbered to the gun.
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