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Inexpensive Maverick 88 = awesome camp shotty?

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My limited shotgun knowledge slants more toward over/unders, but when getting ready for a summer of camping in the Idaho backcountry I am thinking a Maverick 88 six shot is the most economical proven no frills 12g pump available unless someone would be so kind as to educate me otherwise.

I like the safety position of the Maverick 88 and the price. It'll be a pure campsite and backcountry gun, so it's not like I'm competition clay shooting thousands of shells a year. And I know the Mossberg has a combo for about $300 locally but the thought of a pistol grip doesn't appeal to me or my wrists.

And if I decided to use it for upland in the future (which I doubt since my folks live on what basically is a pheasant/quail/dove retreat and I have never hunted) a barrel swap and choke set is dirt cheap.

The Remington 870 is, of course, a great option, but I'm thinking bare bones no real accessories dirty camp gun at a price I shouldn't have buyer's remorse.

Yea or nay on a Maverick 88 for my aforementioned usage.
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I have had a Mav88 Field for a few years now. Prolly 100 to 200 rounds per year.
If your going to have it as a camp gun, I would go with the security with the shorter barrel (altho, barrels are interchangable with mossberg 500)
Maverick 31046 88 12 20 CYL 8RD for Sale at Buds Gun Shop $199.00

Just got one of these at tax time..for an economical camp gun or in my case home defense gun I don't think I can say much against it other than I wish it had sling studs..that might be an issue for you as its a camp gun but I think there are some diff types of slings that don't use the studs you can get.
Buy it best shotgun for the money hands down!!! I have tortured mine and it has never failed nor does it refuse anything I feed it......Awsome gun with an awsome price!!
If you want to drop the extra money, Mossberg has the JIC II setup that comes with both a PG and a traditional buttstock....
The Maverick will make a good camp/truck/home defense shotgun. And with a long barrel and removable chokes can be used hor hunting.
No problems with a Maverick in my opinion. I trust one as my main HD gun, I've had it for almost 15 years and have put thousands of rounds through it. Shot turkey, quail, ducks, doves and thousands of clays with it. Takes Mossberg barrels, buttstocks and most aftermarket parts.
A maverick should work just fine for your purpose, same basic gun as the Mossberg 500 except for safety location.
I LOVE my maverick 88. I beat her up and run her hard and she just keeps shooting. Best gun for the value. I've painted mine, dropped it in foul mud, shot clays, old cars, you name it. Fantastic all around shotty for a great price. I vote yay.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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