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Idaho Newbie checking in.

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Hello all. Sure glad to see a new Shotgun forum on the interweb.

Me? I'm a retired carpenter, living on the Clearwater River between Lewiston and Orifino Idaho with a couple of GSP's. One's a good Pheasant dog, and the others the best Grouse dog I've ever been around, but neither handle both birds well. Figures eah? Also have a little Mountain Cur that I chase **** and Cats with.
I like small caliber classic styled bolt action rifles, old lever action Marlins, and good shotguns.
My shotguns are a 20ga Merkel SXS and a 16gs Rizzini (F.A.I.R.) O/U.

Oh yea,,, and I'm NOT voting for Obama.

I think that about covers it.
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Welcome to this fairly new forum from NW Fla.
Welcome, rough or finish carpenter? I am a master tile setter and woodworker
Welcome, rough or finish carpenter? I am a master tile setter and woodworker
Both,,, I went to a vocational school/high school my junior and senior years that was sponsored by the school district and the carpenters union back when unions actually did more than hiring lawyers and collecting money for politicians.
Had to learn how to do everything from foundations to finish. I loved it all but as my body got older, I learned to like finish work allot more.
Actually spent the last dozen years of my career as a general superintendent. Mostly on the phone listening to some half-assed sub make excuses as to why he couldn't make the schedule he'd agreed to in a signed contract.
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state.:cool:
Welcome to the site from the heart of the Bluegrass!
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