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I need some recommendations for a new duck hunting shot gun

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My cousin just got a super black eagle two, but I dont want to spend that kind of money. I want to stay at about 1200 or under....any suggestions?
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You should be able to find a find a used SBEII for around $800 with some looking...under $1000 easy.
Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 if you want a pump, and I'll recommend the Remington 1100 for a good autoloader. Any of these three you can easily find for less than $500 if you look for quality used ones (the pumps you can get new for around $300). Any of these guns will easily be able to kill any duck flying today if you're a good wingshooter. I've hunted everything from squirrel to deer (including duck and goose) with my 1100 12GA and have had no trouble, nor have the past 2 generations of hunters in my family who've relied on the 1100. My brother has done the same with a Mossy 500 with great success.

Overall I don't see much need to spend anywhere $1200 on a duck hunting shotgun, unless there's one you just want for the sake of "cool factor". There's nothing those expensive guns can do that an Remington or Mossberg can't in my experience. Take the extra money you would've spent on that high end gun and spend it on camo, decoys, ammo and other gear to complete you waterfowl system.

That's just my two cents. hope that helps.
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Do you want semi or pump? You can get any pump for well under your limit.
I've never had trouble with my 870, but will admit i have myself looking into a nicer autoloader like the SBE2. Im starting to be the only guy in the blind with an "old school" gun. I keep telling myself i want it and i don't need it though and have fought off the urge to get one so far.
You should be able to find a find a used SBEII for around $800 with some looking...under $1000 easy.
Any idea where? Or are you talking used? That would make my decision super easy haha.
Well, since I said "used"...yes, that would be what I was talking about...
As Cuda mentioned you can find good used pieces for well under a grand. It may or may not be the newest or greatest but there are plenty of Benellis, various Berettas, Brownings, Winchesters and others on Gunbroker, Guns America, Auction Arms, etc. I would just make sure the seller has a grace period for returns to give you time to inspect and go through the gun to assure no major damage exists.

On the new end I just bought a new A5 for $1199 +tax which is within reason of your limit.
My vote is mossberg 930. Mine has held up well in the rain and cold
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Browning Maxus... Running around $1200 to $1350.
You can get a new Benelli M2 for for $1200 then run 3" magnums. That way you have new, versatile, all-around pretty sweet gun that saves you a couple hundred bucks.
Remington 1187 with 3.5" chamber.

Price $647.

Remington 1187 SUPMAG SPT 12g 28" BLKSYN

Remington 870 with 3.5" chamber.

Price $452.

Remington 887 NITROMAG SPS 12g 26" CAMO
Remington guy here

they are tried and true

enough said

870, 1100, 887 pretty much any of them
and 18 snap caps in it?
eww... the torture of snap caps in an autoloader. I like it.
if you want a auto loader get a Remington 1100 ($1000) or versa max sportsman($1100), if you want a pump get a supernova or Remington 870 super magnum
Old School is cool. I'll bet when the ducks hear you rack a shell into the chamber of that 870 some of 'em fall out of the sky from being frighten the death!
... stay old school !
so many really nice options nowadays for waterfowl shotguns it is a difficult decision

... I like the tried and true Auto-5 Light 12, those made in Miroku, Japan with Invector chokes for ducks ... 2 3/4" are fine for ducks over decoys
... for geese, go with a shotgun that will handle 3" shells or even 3 1/2" shells ... 870,887, BPS Benelli autoloaders, newer Browning autoloaders
Remington guy here

they are tried and true

enough said

870, 1100, 887 pretty much any of them
I to am a Remington guy and agree with all the guns you posted but the 887 worst shotgun I ever owned. I like the 887 look but after countless problems with it and no one could fix even Remington I sold it to someone for cheap and explained the problems they were going to try to fix. I wished him luck but wouldn't hold my breath.

I have (2) 870's one 3" normal gun I used for years duck hunting with no problems and the other is 3.5" in which I might shoot one box of shells through. The only reasons I have the second one was for back up gun and for shooting geese but other then that don't see a need for 3.5 shell for duck hunting. I recently bought a used 1187 special purpose for $480 and fail in love with it. After 2 boxes of shells gun started to misfire, not feed etc. What I found was the o ring was worn along with the (2) metal parts Under the I rings in which one broke apart and was causing the problem. $20.00 later for new parts and a good cleaning and it's shooting like a dream feeding cheap 2 3/4 shells for skeet and dove and both 2 3/4 and 3" shells for ducks. I have all said in done $500 in a good shooting gun that also shoulders well and fits me perfect.
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