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Howdy Just Wanted To Check It Out Over Here

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Looks like a really nice place.
I hope that you'll grow in leaps and bounds.
Just FYI ~ My favorite home defense shotgun is my trusty old ITHACA Model 37 which is pretty much "Out Of The Box Stock" but, with a DS/PS Police Special riot barrel. I've had it for years and I couldn't be happier with it.
I like it because it's built like a tank with its steel (machined from bar stock) receiver and it just never fails to function.
It's really not a great choice if you're wanting to "trick it out" with a lot of add on accessories since there really is not much "out there" for it.
But, I like keeping things simple so it works for me.
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Welcome from Florida.
I have a variety of shotguns, including a 1970's Ithaca 37 like yours - Featherwieght DS Police Special.
She's just inside the bedroom closet door loaded with OO buck.
Welcome to the Forum! Sounds like a fine shotgun!
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state.:cool:
Welcome to the site!
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