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Howdy from Texas

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Hello everyone,
I'm on several other firearms & hunting forums and thought I'd join this one too. Can't have too much good info.

I've been shooting since 5, have a small collection, like to hunt and target shoot, participate in training, train others with firearms use and self-defense.
I'm a police officer and use an 870 at work (along with my AR) and have a Mossy 500 for home defense. Still have my first shotgun, Stevens 20ga single-shot. Also have an Ithica 37 12ga that I got from my dad when he died.

I look forward to sharing and gaining info here.
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Howdy and welcome from a fellow Texan.My 30 year old son has my first shotgun-- H & R .410. Have fun here.
Hey man, thanks for all you do as a LEO, and welcome to the site!
Welcome from Florida
We sure do have a lot of Texans on this site! :) Welcome!
How come you went with the Mossi at home when your work gun's a Remi? Just curious and trying to learn. Welcome!
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state.:cool:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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