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How to tune up a Remington 870 Express?

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I just bought a nice, used Remington 870 Express Black Home Defense model. Came with a speedfeed, pistol grip stock, GGG sling mounts, TacStar sidesaddle and a Blackhawk sling. I want to tune this thing up, internally. More like a police model. Remove the plastic trigger housing and repalce it, etc. Anyone ever rebuild or upgrade an 870? Have a good source for parts, etc? Good suggestions?

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Have you checked the tactical/HD shotgun forums at Shotgun world? I am slowly working on upgrading mine a little at a time and I have found a wealth of info there. You can find links to many of the best parts to upgrade to that are not really well known.
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I know if you have your c&r, midway and brownells give you dealer pricing, which is quite nice, especially at midway.

For example, the knox recoil reducing adjustable stock...
MidwayUSA - Knoxx SpecOps Adjustable Length of Pull Recoil Reducing Stock Remington 870 12 Gauge Synthetic Black

dealer price is 89.99, a savings of about 30 bucks... hmmm... what does the C&R license cost? 30 bucks for three years
Bump. Still looking for more advice on 870 upgrades and tuning.
Only things I can think of are metal trigger guard, stronger tube spring, high visibility follower so you know your out. Personally I wouldn't want a sling for home defense. What type of barrel do you have? Personally I'd want Vent Rib with tritiu/fiber optic turkey sights on top but thats just what I like. If you have a bead, would you or would you not want a tritium bead? If you want ghost rings, once again I'd say tritium.

Ripe it apart clean it, maybe polish the internals.

Surefire foregrips are common as are the clamps that hold a light. I hate bite switches (pressure switches attached to a wire to the light) so I'd say one piece light system.

Three best stocks are knox recoil, speedfeed and foldover, depending on what you want, choice is up to you. That speedfeed if you don't want it will sell on the forum I imagine.
Oh snap just looked up what GGG was, set it up for a one point or take it off. Your in a good spot. You don't need to do anything but if you do have fun. If your a Yetti and you like the speed feed some of the recoiling slip on pads I believe fit over it.
If you want a sling, remington makes tube caps that have a swivel attachment. or you can loop it around where the tube and barrel connect. Personally only sling I'd consider would be a one point.
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I have never ordered from here but there prices are about on par and plenty to look at.
Shotgun Accessories
Bump. Still looking for more advice on 870 upgrades and tuning.
Not much to do inside an 870. Even the plastic trigger housing will hold up well.

If you want to change over to the LE stuff IIRC it's really only the extractor, the hammer spring and sear spring. You can also get an oversized safety. Other than that an express gun is no different than a police model. Just make sure it has the flexi-tab conversion if it is a really old version.
Mine is not an 870 but basically a copy it's a H&R Pardner Protector

Mods I did
-Knoxx Specops stock
-Knoxx Power Pack
-B-square scope mount
-Simmons Red Dot sight
-Hogue Handall grip
-Hogue Rubber foregrip
-Hi-Viz fiber optic bead sight
-Uncle Mike's adjustable sling

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Hey LMS, remember that bangain bin 870 I did a thread about on here?
Take the ENTIRE fire control system apart and polish EVERYTHING, then take the bolt out and use some 600 wet/dry paper and spend an hour working on it until you get to 1200 grit paper. It will smooth that bolt up like butter. Take and use some 800 grit paper on the action bars and make sure they have no burrs on them. After your all done, refinish with Moly Resin and call it a day. I chamfered the bottom of my reciever too n order to let the rounds load in a bit easier/faster. Not sure how much it helped but I like it.

I have a new forend, not sure if its speedfeed or Wilson but if you want it, make me a trade offer on it. I like my HD gun made of wood and I got this in a package trade deal. Also, you can change the hammer spring and lighten the trigger but you may not want to do thaton your HD gun. My dedicated slug gun is set around 2-3 lbs. My HD gun is around 5 lbs.

Here, found it...
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