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Home defense shotty. Your opinion

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Hey all, I'm new to the gun world but just recently bought a home and want a weapon in the house to protect my family and I... Especially with all the crazy a** holes these days. The link below is a gun for sale I was thinking about and wanted your opinion on it and if its a good choice for a home defense shotty.

Thanks for reading,

Mossberg 590 12ga 9-Shot Cleanout Pistol Grip : Pump Action Shotguns at

Read the info on it and check pics at bottom of page. Thanks again

*** I also plan on buying a light attachment
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A shotgun is the weapon most likely to stop a threat with one round (FBI). It has the highest first round hit probability. At normal confrontational distance bird shot is as destructive to humanoid tissue as 00 buck ( U.S. Army). Bird shot will not penetrate as many walls in your home as 9 mm or 5.56 mm ammo. The shotgun is a peerless intimidator.

Just my Dos Centavos

Black Rock
Ok... Thanks for that info but a little off topic. I was asking your opinion on the gun listed and what you think of it as a home defense weapon or should I look at something else?
It's a very personal choice. I have a Mossberg 500 Field/Defense combo that I use, I much prefer a shotgun in a configuration that I'm used to shooting, so it's natural. Most people don't know how to use a pistol grip shotgun, let alone be anywhere near proficient with one.

Just my take.
I am by no means an expert. However, since this forum seems a little too quiet in the last couple of days, I'll throw my opinion in. Remember, my free advice is guaranteed to be worth at least as much as it costs!

Who knows, maybe if I tick someone off, I can get some postings going.

Anyway, I would not recommend starting out with a pistol grip shotgun such as the one in the ad that the OP linked. I was a bit intrigued by them as a home defense weapon, too. However, I am glad that I came to my senses (with some help from friends and relatives that I talked with) and bought one with a regular stock. That 12 gauge packs a pretty good punch. I like to have a firm hold on it, with it planted against my shoulder when I squeeze the trigger and let it loose.

I say get an 18" or 18.5" barrel pump shot gun. It will be light enough and maneuverable enough for home defense, and you can still enjoy some target shooting or even hunting with it, if you are so-minded.

To each his own, but I don't care about making my weapon look tacti-cool, either. That said, I might someday add a light and/or a laser sight.

I intend to take pistol training for a concealed carry permit. In that process, I should get the official rundown on what the legal ramifications are. As I understand, you are only on firm legal footing if you shoot an intruder who is in your home and threatening yourself or others in your household. In that scenario, the light and/or laser sight is probably superfluous.

If I were King, it would be legal to fire warning shots at anyone on your property who you are urging to leave. However, it is my understanding that you can get into a legal mess in doing that. It's something about "reckless use of a firearm." Reckless, Hell! If you hit where you are aiming, you are exercising the finest form of Gun Control!
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I agree that a standard rifle stock is a better option.
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