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hogue forend and mesa tactical side saddle?

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i was just wondering if anyone has any experience with these two products as far as them fitting together. i only ask because i know when you install the side saddle you need a forend that doesnt significantly overlap the reciever, does anyone know if the hogue overmold version works for that?
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I believe the one that comes with their short stock will work. I have a speedfast forend works well with my Mesa saddle.
Now does anyone have any experience with the hogue short stock??
I'm doing the exact same research that you are for my 870. I just picked up a knoxx recoil reducing stock but need a new forend and the hogue looks nice. If you pick it up, make sure you post how it works.
does anyone use the hogue short stock though? cause im adding a sling mount between the stock and receiver, but i really dont want to increase the lop anymore and noticed hogue offers a shorter lop stock.
I have a hogue short stock with speed fast forend and mesa saddle. The hogue stock is short. Its made to work with body armor thats why its shorter. I use it for home defence. It really makes it easier to handle. But if you are a tall guy with long arms it will be to short. I am only 5'8" and i find it perfect for indoors. I like it alot and i have a sling mount between the receiver and stock. No issues nice and tight.
thats what i was looking for thanks man
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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