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high standard shotgun

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just scored a high standard 12ga pump, anybody know anything about these, got very little info from the seller, and internet research is sketchy so far.
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My dad has a High Standard 12 Ga pump that he's had since he was 16 and he's had no problems with it, though he doesn't really hunt or shoot anymore. I don't think they even make shotguns anymore. According to their website they make mostly 1911s and ARs now.
i don't have pics yet, i know, no pics, no gun......

will take some later but someone will have to tell me how to post.

and thanks for the comments.
To be honest I never heard of them. I am intersted in seeing how it is.
it went to production as a serial number 6/19/72 (4 days before i was born) seems to be a pretty nice gun, i'll have pics in a minuite.
if somone can host these pics i just took, i'll e-mail them your way.
did anyone look at the pics? did the link not work?
Looks pretty nice, never heard of high standard.

to post pics, upload it to your album like you did, click the mountain looking icon at the top of the type box. Paste the link to your image there.
Ok after seeing the pics, I think that it is a Model 100 series. That's the High Standard my Dad has, but yours is a little newer than his and looks to be in a little bit better condition, at least in terms of asthetics. High Standard isn't that well known, but my dad's shotgun has never had any problems other than a little rust, but that's because he stored it next to the dryer in our house for years until I made him get a gun safe. High Standard used to be in CT, but they went out for awhile and then were resureccted in TX which is where they are now. I think this shotgun should have no trouble serving just about any purpose you would need. Hope that helps.
I have a high standard 20 gauge, I've had it since I was 14 or so. Great shotgun.
I was not aware that their line included shotguns. I've known them for their 22lr target pistols. Nice looking shotgun.
I was not aware that their line included shotguns. I've known them for their 22lr target pistols. Nice looking shotgun.
They don't produce shotguns now. After they closed up shop in CT, they were bought up and relocated to TX, and under the new managment, they started making ARs, 1911s, .22lr pistols and they also make the AMT pistols too.
thanks for the comments guys, as soon as i can get a day off to hit the range i'll let you all know how it shoots, for a weapon as old as i am (36) it sure looks like it's in good shape, and functions checks perfectly, now to get it dirty :)
That is a good looking shotgun there I have always liked the dark wood coloring like that and that looks like a sweet shotty...;-)
That looks like a nice shotgun.
it's a little dinged and scratched but for a 36 year old weapon, isn't looking too bad, i was thinking about stripping the wood and refinishing it darker, almost black. since there's little to no collector valuse on the weapon it shouldn't matter
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