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I inherited a nice Superposed 20g Browning shotgun a few years ago. I'm moving and need to sell it and am having a hard time determining the fair value of the firearm. Prices vary so much I don't want to rip someone off or underprice and loose out.

One question I have is on the S/N - the barrel has 44XX V3 and the receiver 44XX V73. I assume that means they match and 7 was left off the barrel to save space, but not sure. Can someone verify?

The serial number on the barrel would imply 1963 manufacturer and on receiver 1973. I have the original import documentation and it has the date 1973 and 44XX V73 as the serial number. I believe both dates are safe from a Salt Wood standpoint.

The choke on the barrels are:

The is a 28 before the *- (separated by a few spaces) if that means anything.

The overall condition of the gun is amazing. I have the original case, cleaning rods, key, and manual in French as well as import documentation.

Here are some photos:
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