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Help me decide which Saiga shotgun to order

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So I'm either going to order a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun. The S20 is $120 bucks less. I'm going to do a conversion on it. I also might get into skeet since the range I'm about to join has an area for it. The S12 has a 19" barrel, fixed sights and the S20 has a 22.44" barrel and adjustable sights.

Would it the 12 gauge be worth the extra money?
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If I ordered the 20GA to save money, I'd always wonder why I didn't pony up the $120 for the 12GA.
I've wanted to do a saiga shotgun conversion for a while now, but I wanted to do it with the bullpup AK stock.

If I could get either, I'd get the 12 gauge.
You say you might get into skeet, what is your primary intention of the gun. Honestly, you may want a barrel longer than 22" for skeet. A lot of people like 26" or 28" as it's a little heavier and smooths your swing.
I went with the S12 since the S20 barrel was still too short. Hopefully I can do the conversion next month and save up for a drum
Saiga 12 Gage All The Way

Pay the extra $money$ and go for the 12 gage. You will be more happy in the end. I believe the aftermarket support is much greater for the 12 gage, like stocks, grips, forends, rails, trigger groups, mags, drums, etc..

If you go with the 12 gage Saiga, you MAY not have much of a choice in an exact selection or configeration. Mine has the 19" barrel. No choke threads. Be sure of the US parts counts also. Enjoy. HB of CJ
Get the 12ga, or you wish you did..
I'd go the 12ga man.
The extra $120 or so is worth it. Not sure about where you're at but around here, 20 gauge ammo is always more expensive than 12 sometimes by around $5 or more. So if you end up getting into skeet I think over time the 12 will pay for itself in ammo cost differences.

Plus it's just so much meaner than 20 :cool:
Get the 12 because there are more magazines available for it.

Additionally, if you are thinking skeet, keep in mind a choke is another $100.

I own an S12 and only really have it for the novelty of it and investment. There are far better guns for skeet and most places that shoot 5 stand only allow you to load 2 rounds at a time, so I am forever inserting/removing the magazine between shots as I look like a total ass versus the double-barrel guys.

I thought the S12 would be really cool, and it is to some extent, but I could live fine without it.
I've wanted to do a saiga shotgun conversion for a while now, but I wanted to do it with the bullpup AK stock.

If I could get either, I'd get the 12 gauge.
You'll go deaf...and you better use a buffer, I've seen those stocks split on a 12ga. Maybe a bad batch of stocks-who knows...
IMHO it would be criminal to get arguably the most evil badasstical liberals-hide-their-children-at-its-sight shotgun currently produced in 20ga unless you had a really really good reason. And admit it, all you really want to do is scare some old Elmer Fudd with your scary black shotgun... :D
I bought a 20 and did the conversion. I will be using it as a home defense gun ( I don't know jack about skeet). Any poor soul on the receiving end of a 20 gauge blast at home defense range is going to be just as dead as he would be with a 12..... If it's kick you are craving, just load it up with 3" mags....feels just like a 12.

I tried it first. It is a total pain in the a** to get it to fit and the trigger is HORRIBLE. You will not be happy (I know the pictures look cool....)

I put a Galil style folder on looks cool enough.

They do take a while to break in. Mine took around 75 rounds (about half of them were mags) Pay attention to the gas setting !!! Works great now.
Go for the 12... as others have said, you may very well regret it if you don't.
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