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Help, I keep changing my mind! What would you do?

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I'm a budget minded recreational shooter, based on home defense firearms. I spend the day at the range with the stuff I keep under the bed. I don't have tons of disposable income.
I currently own a Saiga 12, converted. It's a really cool gun. I love the way it looks, it's set up well, and there is a lot more stuff I want to do with it ($$)
The down side is that 1. It's a money pit, I would spend about another $500-800 on it to make it what I really want. 2. It's not practical. Semi-auto just isn't as reliable as a pump gun. 3. It's really just a range toy, and being box fed makes clay busting more awkward as far as loading 2 shells at a time.
I want a nice 18.5" Mossberg 500, a SXS coach gun, and one way or another I want to SBS one of them. Ideally, I would love to have all 3. I could sell the S-12 and buy the Mossberg and the coach gun. The amount of money spent on both of those guns after purchase would be a lot less than the S-12.
But the future of the S-12 is what makes me want to keep it. May never be able to get another....
I could be patient and over the years get what I want, or I could sell the Saiga, and buy the other 2 guns.
Then, I can't decide which I would SBS, the Saiga would be awesome, but expensive. The Mossberg would be ideal, but NFA weapons probably shouldn't be used for HD. The coach gun would be super cool chopped with a short stock, but would serve almost no purpose.
Anyway, for those of you that read all this, what would you do?
Here is a pic of my S-12, and the others that I have in mind.

This a an SBS 870, I would put a short LOP stock, and a TLR, and that's it.

18.5 Mossberg

Stoeger Coach gun, overall length is 36.5", which is shorter than the others, and I could use it the bust clays with my buddies
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I would love to have an S-12. an 870 would be a second maybe third choice for me.

have you seen the trench gun?

Interstate Arms 12 Ga Trench Gun w/20" Barrel/Bead Front Sig $366.00 SHIPS FREE
That's pretty cool, I noticed they have Mav 88's for $200. I might have to get one of those. I think I may keep the Saiga until the Kel-Tec comes out.
I'd keep the Saiga and slowly add to it. If you sell it and buy two more shotguns, you're just going to want to upgrade those too. It sounds to me like you really want your Saiga, but you're compromising by getting the other two. In the long run, you'd be happoer with the Saiga. Lots of people got rid of their SPAS12s and now look at them.
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