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It's time for me to call, once again, upon the fount of knowledge that is XDTalk. My house gun for the last 4 years or so has been an NEF Pardner Protector in 12ga (870 Express clone.) It has never given me any hint of a problem in over 3000 rounds, until yesterday. I went to check the chamber and the tube, as I always do when I get home from work, and found that the shell elevator hung up ever so slightly on the last round in the tube. It just barely makes contact, and any jostle will free it up, but it hangs up any time you push the elevator up from the loading port. I got out the dummy rounds and messed with it a bit, and it doesn't seem to impede function, but I'm still a little concerned. Any tips or ideas will be greatly appreciated, you guys have never let me down. :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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