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Hello Y'all!

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Just a quick post to say hello! I'm new to this forum but not new to gun forums. Some of y'all may know me from some of the other forums around the net. I'm an active trapshooter. I shoot ATA events when ever I can. I'll be at the Florida Fall Classic at the Silver Dollar near Tampa next week end.

I found this forum from a banner posted on another gun forum. I'm looking forward to reading through this forum and seeing what y'all are up to!

Good Shooting!

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Hey BigSkiff! Glad you found your way over :)
Ack! I guess that means I have to behave now!<g>

Glad to see you here Skiff.
Welcome aboard BigSkiff! Pretty cool you found this site through a banner!
Howdy and welcome.
Ha! Thanks y'all! I think I'm going to like it over here. It looks like it will make a good alternative to my usual haunts!
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Welcome aboard from another citizen of Florida the "GunShine" state.:cool:
Welcome to the site from the heart of the Bluegrass!
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